Linux PPP

Linux Documentation Project


  Michael Strates,
  v2.0, 6 November 1997

  This document describes how to setup PPP, connect up to your ISP, con-
  figure mail and news, get a permanent IP (if available), get a domain
  name, and have a bonda fide system running in a little over thirty

  Egil Kvaleberg,
  v1.26, 5 March 1998

  This document describes how to use Linux to connect to an Internet
  Service Provider via a dial-up modem TCP/IP connection.  As well as
  the basic dial-up procedure and IP establishment, email and news han­
  dling is covered.

  Robert Hart,
  v3.0, 31 March 1997

  This document shows how to connect your Linux PC to a PPP server, how
  to use PPP to link two LANs together and provides one method of set­
  ting up your Linux computer as a PPP server.The document also provides
  help in debugging non-functional PPP connections.