WebTV "Plus" Setup for WeirNet
Adapted from: http://help.webtv.net/access/useyourisp/plussetup.html
  1. From your Home page, select Using WebTV.
  2. Select Dialing options
  3. Select Use Your ISP. If you do not see this option, call 1-800-GOWEBTV to add this feature to your account.
  4. Read the instructions and choose Continue. (There are three pages of instructions. You must select Continue to go to each next page)
  5. Enter your ISP account info:
    • Check the box to activate Use Your ISP
    • Enter your service provider (ISP) name
    • Enter your login name, as supplied by your ISP
    • Enter your password
    • Enter your password again to confirm
    • Select Continue
  6. Enter your ISP dialing info:
    • Enter your modem dial-in number, as supplied by your ISP
    • Enter your backup dial-in number, if necessary
    • Select Done
  7. You will be greeted with the message Your Internet terminal needs to reconnect for your changes to take effect. Select Continue. Your WebTV will then hang up and reconnect.
  8. Your Internet terminal will now connect to the WebTV Network. A confirmation screen will summarize your choice and provide you with the option to Use Your ISP or use WebTV. Selecting Use Your ISP will cause the WebTV terminal to redial using your ISP.
  9. You're connected!
   Service provider (ISP) name: WeirNet

            WeirNet login name: ____________________
Note: login/username is case-sensitive; and must be typed with all
lowercase, with no spaces.

  WeirNet modem dial-in number: 794-0300
Alternate modem dial-in number: 794-0002