How to Create a Dial-Up Connection in Windows 2000
PART 1: Make New Connection

1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network and Dial-up Connections
2. Double-click Make New Connection. Click Next
3. Click Dial-up to the Internet. Click Next
4. Click ...set up my Internet connection manually. Click Next
5. Click ...connect through a phone line and a modem. Click Next
6. Type telephone number to be dialed (304) 794-0300
7. Click Advanced
8. Click the Addresses tab
9. Click the Always use the following in the DNS server address area
10. In the Primary DNS server field, type
11. In the Alternate DNS server field, type
12. Click the OK button
13. Click Next
14. Type username and password. Click Next
15. In the Connection Name field, type WeirNet. Click Next
16. Click the No for Do you want to set up an Internet mail account now
17. Click Next
18. Uncheck the box next to To connect to the Internet immediately
19. Click the Finish button

PART 2: Connecting

1. Click Start, Settings, Network and Dial-up Connections
2. Point to the WeirNet icon and press your right mouse button
3. Choose Create Shortcut from the pop-up menu
4. Click Yes to create on Desktop.
5. Go the the Windows Desktop.
6. Double-click the Shortcut the WeirNet icon.
7. Type you username and password.
8. Click the Dial button.

PART 3: Disconnecting

1. Double-click the WeirNet Status icon which is located in the system tray in the bottom right of your screen by the clock.
2. Click Disconnect.