How to configure Windows ME Dial-Up Networking to connect to WeirNet    (rev.20020928)

  1. Click Start, Settings, then Dial-Up Networking.
  2. Double-click Make New Connection. Click Next
  3. For the name of the computer you are dialing, type WeirNet. Click Next
  4. Type telephone number to be dialed: (304) 794-0300
  5. Click Next, then click Finish.
  6. Right-click the WeirNet icon, then choose Properties.
  7. On General Tab, uncheck Use Area Code...
  8. If needed, modify the telephone number: 794-0300
    Note: To call area code, add 1-304- in front of number.
    To disable call-waiting, add *70, in front of number.
  9. Click the Networking tab and make sure Type of Dial-Up Server is PPP: Internet...
    Uncheck all boxes except Enable software compression and TCP/IP
  10. Click the TCP/IP Settings... button.
  11. Check Specify name server addresses, then enter the following:
    Primary DNS:    Secondary DNS:    Click OK.
  12. Click the Security tab, and type your WeirNet username ___________________
    and password (Note: your username and password are case-sensitive).
  13. Click the Dialing tab, check this is the default internet connection and dial whenever a network connection is not present To hang-up when not using Internet, then check enable idle disconnect. You may also check disconnect when connection may not be needed.
  14. Click OK.
  15. Right-click the WeirNet icon, then choose Create Shortcut.
  16. Click the Yes button, to place on desktop.

To connect, double-click the Shortcut to WeirNet icon then click the Dial button.

Then begin browsing the 'Net using your "Internet Explorer" (the blue "e" icon on your desktop).

For more info, including how to setup e-mail, visit and click the Support link

WeirNet, 3200 Main St, Weirton, WV 26062