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How Much Does Web Design Cost?

The low cost of web site design is an important subject.  So let us take a moment to address the question "How much does a web design project cost?"

Web Design Cost Packages - a word of caution

Beware of companies that provide price packages (e.g., for $600 you get a,b and c).  Every company, including yours, has unique needs and should never be treated like a fast food restaraunt.

Cost Effective Web Page Design

Low cost web site design is important, but not at the sake of quality.  What looks good and may work well for one company may not properly reflect your business or attract your clientele.  It is critical that the look, layout and content of your site be designed with you in mind.  To that end, WeirNet Web Design never uses templates.

We know that the cost of web page design is important to you.  Since we custom design every web site, we do not set standard pricing packages.  Pricing your web site varies according to the project complexity.  This is why we sit down with you and discuss your specific needs and the direction you want your web site to go, at no cost to you, and then create a package that best fits your needs and your budget.

Low Cost Web Site Design Is Possible

Our prices have been established with you in mind.  As important as it is to have a Web site, most budgets aren't set up to handle the high costs of Web site design and maintenance.  We don't want you or your business to suffer as a result, so we have purposely kept our prices low.  There are no hidden costs.

Prices include:

  • Custom, professional design and personal attention
  • As many pages as you need to properly convey your product
  • Rollover and/or pop-up navigation
  • Company Logo strategically placed on each page
  • Search engine optimization, basic content optimization and sitemap
  • Interactive content email form
  • and much more!

For information on our rates, please contact us at (304) 794-0000, or email us at

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WEIRNET, llc  |  3200 Main St. Weirton, WV 26062  |  (304) 794-0000 voice  |  (304) 794-0001 fax  |  e-mail us