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WeirNet offers a selection of turnkey home network solutions designed to meet your needs and budget. All of them provide great performance at reasonable prices. We are independent of any hardware equipment vendor and only recommend and support products that we have tested for reliability, ease of use and performance.

We offer Basic, Full Service, Proxy Server and Custom packages.

All of our solutions allow you to link multiple computers simultaneously to the Internet over your high-speed connection -- enabling the whole family to enjoy fast Internet access and all the benefits that provides. We also install and support a whole host of other capabilities that allow you to maximize the investment made in your computers and high -speed connection. For a description of these networking capabilities, please see Cool Applications. For more information about home networking and its benefits, click here.

We can also assist with software and hardware upgrades,digital cameras, PDAs, CD and DVD burners, scanners, printers and more.

Basic Wired/Wireless Router Solution -- This affordable solution allows all home computers to seamlessly link to a broadband connection, letting the entire family enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet. It includes:

  • Router Installation and Setup
  • Internet Connection Sharing
  • Firewall Configuration
  • PC Card/Adapter Installation
  • Wireless Optimization (as necessary)
  • Email Setup
  • AOL Setup

You can choose between wired, wireless or a combination of wired and wireless connections between the PCs. This solution also provides a choice of routers and cards depending on your needs. A variety of add-on features and capabilities are available with this solution. This affordable solution is ideal for families that want the benefits of expert basic installation, but who do not want or need the full service solution. Call for more information or for a free estimate, please click here.

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Full Service Router Solution -- Our full service solution provides all the benefits and capabilities of the Basic solution plus:

  • On-site Assessment
  • Extended Support
  • File/Print Sharing are standard features
  • Computer Tuning and Optimization
  • Security Survey and Recommendations
  • Wireless Site-Survey (as necessary)
  • Wiring Estimate (as necessary)

This solution is ideal for families who want a full service, turnkey solution that provides optimal performance, full features and extended support. Call for more information or to arrange an on-site assessment appointment.

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Full Service Proxy Server Solution -- This solution provides all the capabilities of the full service solutions plus the following added capabilities:

  • Auto-updating Content-filtering (for all stations)
  • Auto-updating Anti-virus protection (for all stations)
  • Web-caching for increased web performance
  • Internet Connection control (by time of day, station, etc.)

The proxy server solution has special computer and software requirements and is generally suitable for networks of 4 computers or office networks. Please call for more information.

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Custom Solutions -- We also provide custom solutions depending on the customer's needs and preferences. The list below includes some of the additional areas we can assist you with. Please call us to discuss your specific needs!

  • Whole home Category 5 wiring
  • Professional surveillance camera installation
  • Web-design and Intranet Web implementation
  • Home entertainment system integration
  • Windows 2000 and Linux Server installation and support

For a list of supported technology and systems, please see Technology.

For additional capabilities and add- on features for all of our solutions, please see Cool Applications.



WEIRNET, llc  |  3200 Main St. Weirton, WV 26062  |  (304) 794-0000 voice  |  (304) 794-0001 fax  |  e-mail us